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We have a number of sponsorship and underwriting opportunities. Foremost among these are website and banner ads, YouTube pre-roll, and social media footprint ads. You will find a breakdown of pricing below.







Facebook Footprint





Twitter Footprint





Facebook Comment





Facebook Pre-Roll





Twitter Pre-Roll





Combined FB Foot/Pre





Combined TW Foot/Pre










Website Banner



 $      0.18

 $      0.15

YouTube Pre-Roll


 $      0.12

 $      0.10

 $      0.08

How it works:

You tell us what ad format you would like and your target number of views for the month. For example, if you wanted 1,000 views of footprint ads on Facebook. We would shoot for 1,000 views, but let’s say the actual number was 950, we would bill you for $95.00 (950 x $0.10/view).

Footprint Ads – are posted at the bottom corner of a video we post on social media. These we keep fairly short, just 2-3 minute excerpts from the show to keep engagement up. Ads can be a company or product logo accompanied by a short slogan. 

FB/TW Pre-Roll – a five second pre-roll ad that will run at the beginning of video clips on Facebook or Twitter. Can include a full page company or product logo along with a slogan. 

YouTube Pre-Roll – a ten second pre-roll ad that will run at the beginning of the show when viewed on YouTube or our website. Can include a full page company or product logo along with a slogan and audio. 

Facebook Comment – Campaign for Vermont will pin a comment to the top of the comments section on a Facebook video recognizing your sponsorship with a link back to your Facebook page or website. 

Website Banner – appears below the video during playback on the website. Can include a company or product logo, slogan, sale offer, and other branding materials. Banners must be 800x200 pixels in a pdf or jpg format. 

Targeting: If you purchase enough views, we can target them at specific demographics. For example: a specific town or county, recreational activities, hobbies, social interests, age group, gender, etc. 

You will received a detailed summary of views and engagements with our content on your monthly invoice. If you have any questions about the offerings above please contact Ben Kinsley at [email protected]

We hope you will be interested in sponsoring Vote for Vermont as the show has become a catalyst for more involvement in the political process. Please use the form below to express your interest. Include a description of the business, the audience you are trying to reach, and which services you are interested in.

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